Considering selling your home for cash? Let me be a free guide to you…

Selling your house the traditional way can be expensive and time consuming – costing 10% or more of the sales price and taking 60 days or more to close! Let’s discuss the alternative.

What are the two biggest advantages of selling for cash?

SAVE MONEY It costs 10% of the sales price of your home to list and sell it. That’s $20,000 in expenses to sell a $200,000 house! I AM FREE.

  • Cost to list:
    • Agent commissions 6%, Closing costs 2%, Staging 1%, repairs = 10% minimum
  • Cost for me to provide you an offer and buy it:
    • $0

SAVE TIME It takes 60+ days to repair, stage, list, receive offer, negotiate, contract, fund and – finally - sell it! I CAN PURCHASE SAME DAY.

  • Repairs can take weeks, receiving an offer can take weeks or months and funding a non-cash purchase takes another 30 days
  • I can make the offer same day (NO REPAIRS), and close/fund on the day of your choosing
A final note… Not only am I an active cash investor, I am networked with the largest group of cash investors in the DFW-area and beyond, totaling approximately 1,000 investors. If I don’t buy the home for myself, I will likely purchase it on their behalf. Please call or text me at 972-658-6625 for a quick conversation and perhaps a same-day meeting. If I don’t answer right away, leave a message and I will call you back within an hour! Text is best.

Tobin Hartman

I’m Tobin Hartman, and my wife and I are lifetime Dallas residents. We help people buy and sell homes the traditional way (as Realtors), but we also buy properties for cash as real estate investments or for our own renovation. In fact, please check out our finished product: Folks, this is our community and our reputation, and it’s very important to us. We will guide you cash purchase in a honest and transparent fashion. Please meet us in the short video clips below to learn more about us…

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